Yingwei Song
Hi there, I am a current MSCS student at Brown University. I completed my bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Data Science from UW-Madison. I am interested in computer vision, machine learning and robots controlling, especially image understanding.

Research and projects:

Image Synthesis with Transformer: Brain MR Image to PET Image
Proposed a novel cycleGAN framework to generate brain PET image from MR image. Paper is still ongoing.

Autonomous & Resilient Controls Lab, UW-Madison
Implement MPC controller algorithms on Mushr Car.
[[demo video](https://youtu.be/JYFgtiQO8VE"demo video”)][github](Github access may be denied)

Computational Optics Group, UW-Madison
Implement and optimize the deblurring algorithm for images detected by SPAD(Single Photon Avalanche Diodes).
[final report]

Simulation of the Connected and Automated Driving Systems UW-Madison
Design maps using RoadRunner, design detailed traffic scenarios; apply the planning algorithms to do the microscopic and macroscopic route planning and find the optimal movement trajectory for the vehicles(PID controller).

Rural Housing in Henan, China: Drone Photography Area Estimation based on Deep Learning
Image segmentation and area estimation based on UNET.