Autonomous & Resilient Controls Lab

Projects Title

Autonomous & Resilient Controls Lab - Mushr Car implementing MPC algorithm


University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA


2022.9 - present


Xiangru Xu, PH. D, Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering


Discrete Model Predictive Control is implemented on Mushr Car, and Acado Toolkit is used to solve the optimization problem. The Mushr Car’s position and orientation are obtained from the ROS and passed as input to the generated Acado Solver, and the velocity and steering angle output from the solver are passed to the ROS to control the car.


We used the OptiTrack to get the Mushr Car’s real position and passed the information back to the offline Acado Solver on the Mushr Car. Several preset paths are successfully implemented on Matlab, and the Figure-8 path is tested on the real Mushr Car, which is demonstrated in the above video.

LINK: (permission may be required)