A little words before...

​ This is the first day I built my own website. Actually, it is not my first website. I guess 10 years before maybe - when I was still in middle school. At that time, I use BAE(a free platform supported by Baidu) and the domain with chogellge.ml as my first website. But at that time, I totally use WordPress and I followed the instructions online step by step. That’s super easy to build a website, and I remembered that very few problems I met. And everything would be super easy and fancy when using WordPress. That also might be because I really had. enthusiasm on this. And I can’t believe I really have my website at that time, though I have nothing to record and post when I was a middle-school student.

​ Now it almost passed ten years, and things changed a lot. When I was a kid, I don’t know what is frontend, backend, and any algorithms, I have no idea about ML and data science. At that time, I believed that making my own website was really cool and it was a thing I can show off to girls(…that is what exactly I’ve done before).

​ Time flies, now, I never think deploying a website is really a thing I can show off, the thing is, I actually do the same thing as ten years ago - I followed the instructions step and step…(the only thing I do better than before is, I am more familiar with is Linux commands, git commands, and English!!)

​ The reason I build up my own website is to show some of my interests, researches, and things I want to write. I will try to write everything here in English - which is apparently not my native language, and I will try to minimize the grammar mistakes and make things logically - but I cannot make sure! Cuz this is not going to be viewed by my ESL(English for secondary language) course teachers!